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Tailoring spaces for beautifully, practical living

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Design Crisis Life-Line!

Have a design dilemma that seems too small to hire a professional?

What tiles are right for with my kitchen countertop? What sofa should I buy? Is there a perfect window treatment for my oversized living room windows? HELP! Everyone needs to phone-a-friend when making interior choices for their home. Why not phone a designer- friend?? I can solve your interior debacle with my simple "life-line" bundles. 


  • $25/first hour include phone & email correspondence with design options

  • $100 One time in-home crisis consultation with correspondence 

  • $75/hr (2-5hr bundle) ​

  • $65/hr (5-10hr bundle)

Tidying & Organizing 

Practicality makes Perfect

When we first inhabit our homes, most of us envision our spaces at their fullest potential... clean, tidy and organized. But often the reality of everyday life leaves our homes cluttered and us anxiety- ridden. You wonder, how will I ever recapture any sense of order in this house again?  I can help you find your interior peace once again with organization, storage solutions, and methods to purge and simply stay tidy. Let your rooms and closets shine again!

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